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To Be Frank, Grandpa Knows Best: Mark Bridges from Grandpa Frank’s Candy

Episode Summary

From corporate guy to entrepreneur, Mark Bridges, founder of Grandpa Frank’s Candy, turned his grandfather’s family recipe into a business that has taken Wheaton by storm. Hear how Mark made his transition from consulting into business ownership, what inspires him, and how he inspires us – and a little bit about his custom candy for Fairhaven Wealth Management!

Episode Notes

Having learned from the namesake Hall of Famer College/High School leatherhead, Professor and Chef - Mark Bridges has learned from early on about a solid work ethic and how to give back.   His caramel candies have a unique balance of an old school recipe with today’s technology!  Mark explains how his background in consulting led to the idea of putting a QR code on each gift box of caramels!  The message can be anything from personal pictures, a message from the company for corporate gifts or your business card delivered in a unique way!